Dinner menù à la carte (Friday and Saturday)



  • Pearl barley with black chickpeas, “cacioricotta” cheese and friggitelli peppers (10,00 €)
  • Rye crust with “burratina” cheese, yellow and red “datterino” tomato tartare, with basil cream(12,00 €)
  • Selection of local cold cuts: raw ham, “capocollo of Martina Franca”, Apulian sausage and “Lonzino” with herbs(12,00 €)
  • Selection of local cheeses: “Pecorino” with olives, “Caciocavallo”, Apulian “pecorino”, “giuncata” or “burratina”(12,00 €)
  • Apulian “canestrato” cheese pie with “silano caciocavallo” D.O.P. cheese fondue and dried tomato chips (14,00 €)



  • “Panciotto” pasta stuffed with “primo sale” cheese and basil with baked yellow “datterino” tomato sauce and “crusco” peppers(12,00 €)
  • Burnt wheat spaghetti with fresh beans, “scampi” shellfish and chopped “friscous”(12,00 €)
  • Fresh potato gnocchi with zucchini, toasted “capocollo” ham, “stracciatella” cheese and black olives powder (14,00 €)
  • Spaghetti with “spirulina” algae with mussels, “cicerchie” legume and “red datterino” tomato cream(14,00 €)



  • Low temperature cooked octopus on saffron potato cream and tomato tartare (12,00 €)
  • Scalded pork fillet on mashed potatoes with “caciocavallo” cheese sauce and red onion petals (14,00 €)
  • Green pepper beef sirloin with “pecorino” cheese drops and potato chips(14,00 €)
  • Veal balls with lemon in altamura’s bread(16,00 €)



  • Potatoes with fondue of silano “caciocavallo” cheese (5,00 €)
  • Grilled vegetables (5,00 €)
  • Mixed salad (5,00 €)



  • Sorbet with pink grapefruit (5,00 €)
  • Chocolate semifreddo with fresh “panna” cream (5,00 €)
  • Rum Babà, Chantilly cream e candied orange (5,00 €)
  • “Tette delle monache” with cream and red fruit sauce (5,00 €)


Children’s menu 12.00 € from 3 to 12 years (Pasta with sauce, chicken schnitzel and French fries, dessert or fruit)

Cover charge 2,00 € // Any allergies and intolerances must be communicated to the dining room staff.

Telephone booking required at +39 348 334 2889