Dinner menu a la carte



Buckwheat salad with fresh vegetables and “buffalo mozzarella” cheese 12 €

Traditional Eggplant Parmigiana 12 €

Smoked beef eye round, served with “burrata” cheese 12 €

Selection of typical Apulian cold cuts and cheeses, served with “Lama San Giorgio” jams and marmalades 15 €

Octopus salad with chickpeas, celery, and carrot 15 €

Cod wrapped in phyllo dough on a bed of “ricotta” cheese and eggplant 15 €



Fresh “orecchiette” pasta with tomatoes, green beans, and “cacioricotta” cheese 12 €

Burnt grain tortelli filled with “burrata” cheese and eggplant, with tomatoes and basil 15 €

Spaghetti with traditional beef ragù 13 €

Typical Bari-style “tiella” (rice, potatoes, and mussels) 12 €

“Strascinati” pasta with cauliflower tops, anchovy tomatoes and toasted bread crumbs 12 €

Parsley “Tagliolini” pasta with prawns on a cream of zucchini 15 €



Mixed salad with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, “fior di latte mozzarella” cheese, and steamed corn 12 €

Classic Apulian dish of fava beans and chicory, served with “friggitelli” peppers 12 €

Lamb chops cooked in Apulian pignata with potatoes, chicory, onions and tomatoes 15 €

“Pezzata Rossa” beef sirloin, cut and served with tomatoes, arugula, and “grana” cheese flakes 15 €

Paranza fry with fresh vegetables 16 €

Redfish fillet in zucchini crust on Polignano’s carrot cream 16 €



Grandma’s cake, traditional recipe with apples and almonds 5 €

Traditional “Tette delle monache” dessert 5 €

Triple chocolate mousse 5 €

Tiramisu 5 €


Natural or sparkling water included in the price


On request it is possible to order the children’s menu at a cost of 12 € (reserved only for children under the age of 12):

Pasta with tomato sauce or Pasta with pesto or Red Lasagna + Fresh chicken cutlet with french fries or hamburger or scrambled eggs


Cover charge 3 € per person (2 € per kid under 12 years old)


Any allergies and intolerances must be communicated to the dining room staff.

It is possible to book your gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and vegetarian menu